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a little late, but...


2009 had been terrible for me most of the time. I lost my grandpa to cancer, among other bad things. Loosing him is the worst. It feels so strange without him, but I'll probably get used to it soon enough.

But it's not all bad. Last year I finally got a laptop of my own, got a decent grade in my new college, and lost about 5 pounds. [haha, the last one wasn't much, my goal is to loose 13 more.]

I still don't have a boyfriend, but I don't really care about it anymore. If no guys love me, it's alright. My family and my best friend, Mellie, do. That is enough for me, I'm not greedy.

Everything that happened in 2009 will never happen again this year. 2010 is going to be my year for a change. I'll be 23 and hopefully I'll graduate college before my 25th birthday.

I'm done being a disappointment.
I'm done being a failure.
I'm done being weak.

I'm going to smile more.
I'm going to read more.
I'm going to love more.

I will be better.
Or at least I'll try.
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